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Shiraz Mukarram - “In Crossing”. Book Design

Continuing a working relationship with photojournalist and artist Shiraz Mukarram, I was asked to create a book cover and format for his self-published book to highlight the first part of his “Crossings Series”. Exploring the relationship between American immigrants and their relatives in Mexico, the design was created to highlight the bright vernacular of street life in Mexico wit subtle (and not so subtle) nods to typography and color. Produced alongside The Campbell-Logan Bindery in Minneapolis.


Shiraz Mukarram. Web Design

Shiraz Mukarram is an internationally recognized Pakistani-born photojournalist and artist. He has photographed in West Asia and Africa as well for the White House, and most recently in Minnesota. With large bodies of accompanying text, the website was created to be both visual and editorial. Functionality was developed to allow the user to scroll throughout the stories horizontally to create a quick and fluid experience that was both visual and text based.


TV Takeover on PBS. Art Direction + Design

PBS affiliate Twin Cities Public Television asked five of the most inventive Twin Cities arts organizations to “take over” their airwaves, studio and web for 5 Friday nights of experimental television-making events. I provided art direction and identity design to be used in live broadcast as well as within the interior and on set. Designed while at Permanent ADG


Mount Rainier RFP. Art Direction + Design

Ascending to 14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier stands as an icon in the Washington landscape. This RFP was created for the Aramark Corporation to show the care and consideration of their approach for management of park services. Using the concept of the “young explorer”, I created a system of dividers to house the 300+ pages of documents that utilized visitor’s cellphone photography. Housed within a custom slipcase that was cloth wrapped and foil stamped, the binder was also screen printed and page dividers were die cut. Designed while at dbox


Internet Week New York & Europe. Creative and Technical Lead.

Internet Week New York is an annual celebration of technology’s impact on business, culture and focus on innovation within New York City. The annual celebration attracts more than 45,000 attendees within all sectors and surrounds 250+ events produced in the IWNY HQ and 150+ organized by citywide event partners. As creative and technical lead on the project for 2012 and 2013, I produced both work in print, web and mobile design as well as facilitate and initiate creative partnerships, coordinate and produce the event’s live stream and provide documentation.


Augsburg College, Graphic Design 1. Course Work

The result of a collective project given to my Spring of 2014 Graphic Design One course at Augsburg College. The intent was to explore the visual vernacular and typography that surrounds Augsburg’s campus within the Cider-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis. Looking at murals, hand-written notices, wanted signs, store awnings, etc., I asked my students to begin digitally rendering found letterforms from their surroundings. The end result is a complete alphabet, in the form of a typeface, which I hope is representative of the Cedar Riverside neighborhood and its visual culture.


144 N. 8th Street. Art Direction + Design

Dubbed “the Finger Building”, 144 North 8th Street is a new development in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that is at the frontier of the new development boom of the neighborhood. Wanting to embrace the criticism the building had gained throughout the neighborhood, I helped to create a visual story that painted the surrounding area in the true vibrant light that it is. The result was full occupation upon completion of the project. Designed while at dbox. Illustration by Michael Gaughan


Xavier Tavera – “La Alameda”. Catalogue Design

Photographer Xavier Tavera is a Minneapolis based photographer. His works have been exhibited internationally and included in the permanent collections of the Weisman Museum, The Minneapolis Institute of Art and The Plains Museum. Working collaboratively, I created a catalogue for his exhibition titled “La Alameda” which showcased details of three public parks of Central Mexico City alongside his portraiture. Printed on newsprint tabloid at Legal Ledger in Minneapolis.


Permanent Waves. Event + Design

As a summer launch for Minneapolis-based creative agency, Permanent Art and Design Group, I was responsible for the concept, design, and production of a one-off Miami-inspired pool party event that all surrounded a custom built dumpster pool. With sponsors including Butcher and the Boar, LOLL Furniture, Tall Grass Brewing among others, the event was a huge success and an absolute blast. Designed while at Permanent ADG.


Public Functionary. Branding + Print & Web Design

Public Functionary is a contemporary art gallery and social space in Minneapolis. Public Functionary strives to be an innovative and leading space within the city. I was responsible for developing their visual presence through print and digital collateral for their inaugural 2013-14 season. The end result is a modular system that is flexible, evolving and challenges the viewer. Designed while at Permanent ADG.

OverExposure. Website

OverExposure is a non-profit arts organization that works in community arts and documentary photography. Their mission surrounds the creation of photography projects which engage the community and create dialogue. OverExposure asked me to develop a website to highlight their initiatives, viewpoint, grant/fellowship opportunities, and archived galleries. The result has been an overwhelming number of applicants, a growth in arts partnerships in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and several large-scale exhibitions.

Camp Buzz

Shot and produced by the amazing talented Joshua VP, I was responsible for creating the logotype along with a series of icons for the film. Playing off of the idea of the north woods and camping in exploring as a teenager, the series of icons and identity was used within the titles as well as within the video itself.


New York By Gehry. Art Direction + Design

Currently the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere, New York by Gehry was developed by Forest City Ratner and designed by Frank Gehry Architects. Creating a full brand and series of assets, I was responsible for the look and feel of one of the most desirable and luxurious residences in New York City. Using the logotype produced alongside Michael Beirut and Katie Barcelona at Pentagram the end result has a feeling of sophistication that was equal to the architecture itself. Designed while at dbox.


New York by Gehry. Interiors + Art Direction + Design

For the amenity spaces within New York by Gehry, I was asked to both provide direction for ways to approach the finish of the “tween den” as well as design the children’s playroom. The inspiration for the children’s playroom was found in the architecture of the building itself where the elevation plan for each floor was layered on top of each other and given a color value, ultimately creating a playful pattern The “tween’s den” was inspired by the Japanese “Dunny” toys in the space, but taking form in Inuit pattern and mythology and was created by New York based illustrator Mr. Kiji.


Park Avenue Armory. Design + Branding.

Branding and art direction for New York's Park Avenue Armory. Part palace, part industrial shed, Park Avenue Armory fills a critical void in the cultural ecology of New York by enabling artists to create, and the public to experience, unconventional work that could not otherwise be mounted in traditional performance halls and museums. Over the course of two years, I developed brand materials and collateral to launch the space, which has become an institution and icon in the New York performance community. Designed while at dbox.


Curzon, Mayfair London. Branding & Design

Branding and identity for 56 Curzon, located in the historic neighborhood of Mayfair in Central London. Developed to be contemporary yet classic, the identity drew from the delicate and polished finishes of the building, while the typography provided a gentle nod to the historic building itself as well as surrounding neighborhood.
Designed while at dbox.


50 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong. Art Direction + Branding & Design

Book design and marketing materials for Hong Kong 's 50 Connaught Road Central designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects. The brand, signage and finishes were chosen to reflect and pay homage to the classical architecture of New York’s Upper West Side. The end result is a stand-alone building on the Hong Kong skyline.
Designed while at dbox.

Cook + Fox Architects. Web Design.

Web design for Cook + Fox Architects to showcase the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park. Using large images and responsive framework, this site served as a small case study for some of Cook + Fox’s most ambitious work to date. Designed while at dbox.


Tarry Market. Art direction + Branding & Packaging Design

Located in Port Chester, NY, Tarry Market and Wine features artisanal products, contemporary handcrafted food to a discerning audience North of Manhattan. The result is a brand with a nod to classic Italian typography with a style that is refined, accessible and conveys the quality and care of the products they feature. Designed while at Memo NY.


The Art of the Chocolatier. Art Direction + Design

Covering the full spectrum of chocolate work from the fundamentals of chocolate making to instruction on advanced showpiece design and assembly—The Art of the Chocolatier is the most complete and comprehensive guide to chocolate making available. Developing a full set of illustrations, section dividers and a typographic system, the 416-page book was designed to be as beautiful as it is instructional.
Designed while at Memo NY.

La Mozza. Art Direction + Web Design

Already partners in several very successful restaurants, Joe and Lidia Bastianich came together with Chef Mario Batali to form La Mozza in 2000. La Mozza consists of 36 hectares and lies in the Southwest corner of Tuscany's Maremma. The website was designed to highlight the sophistication and heritage of their wine as well as create a contemporary stand-alone brand.
Designed while at Memo NY.


Flash Light, NYC. Branding

Flash:Light was developed as part of the New Museum's The Festival of Ideas for the New City, a collaborative initiative to harness the power of the creative community to imagine the future city and explore the ideas that will shape it. Manifesting in dozens of interactive projections and installations, the proposed modular identity was developed to highlight the architectural canvas' that comprised the downtown NY event location.


Journal Square Brochure. Branding + Design

One Journal Square is a major redevelopment project designed by Becker + Becker, currently underway in Jersey City, New Jersey. I was asked to create a marketing piece which conveyed the vibrance, accessibility, and potential of this emerging area. The result was an information graphic-based piece which highlights it's traffic patterns, census statistics, building visibility and public transportation. The piece folded out to reveal a poster on the back which was used to house the building's footprint. Designed while at Liska + Associates.


360 State Street. 9 X 12" Brochure, 4/4, 1/1 inset on Wausau Astrobright

360 State is a new mixed-use development designed by Becker + Becker in New Haven Connecticut. Designed as a tool to directly market potential grocers to fill the new retail space, this piece borrows from the language of the grocery store as well as combines grocery-centric statistical information. Bright colors, hand painted signs and big type all helped to inform and inspire this project. Designed while at Liska + Associates


Amala. Marketing Collateral, 1/0 PMS 876 Metalic Copper

Designed at Liska + Associates for Amala Beauty. These spa menu cards were used to introduce Amala as a high-end beauty product and spa treatment for customers of the PGA National Spa in Palm Beach, Florida. The utilization of illustration and distinct bronze color emphasize Amala's strong brand presence and differentiation.


Rebecca Taylor. Packaging Design

Produced for New York fashion designer Rebecca Taylor, these pieces were created to carry out Rebecca Taylor's full rebranding. Responsible for a wide range of assets ranging from tags to stationary. All aspects of the printing and production process were considered, ensuring that the new brand statement was distinct and universal. Designed while at Liska + Associates.


Observing; Space/ Interaction/ Community. 8.5 X 10" Book, 128 pg, 4/4

Completed as a thesis project while studying at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Observing provides a look into human interaction with public and private spaces. Much of the book's emphasis surrounds the parallels in perception of community within current and past urban and suburban living trends, theories and ideologies. Compiling responses from public surveys as well as written theory, Observing serves as a source and process for visualizing the ways we live and socialize, as well as our greater place within our environment.


Observing Installation. 8.5 X 10" Book, 1/0, silk screen

Senior thesis installation for the degree show at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The purpose of the installation was to show the various ideas, observations and questions which surfaced as a result of the project. The approach was to silkscreen these questions and ideas onto of photocopies, which outline the various steps in the production and revision of the book.


Observing; Process. 8.5 X 10" Book, 343 pg, 1/1

The process book was a result of my research, ideation, writing, editing and photographing surrounding surrounding the creation of Observing. The book outlines, in sections, how my ideas were derived as well as the changes and iterations that I encountered. The book led to plans for the installation, the final edit of the thesis book, and a series of screen printed pages which posed questions and statements from my project.


Economy of Environment. Informational map, 20 X 24" Poster, 1/0

An information-graphic piece exploring the psychological aspects of casino interior design and experience. Looking into the cultural phenomenon of casinos, the map illustrates tactics including enticement, reward, and entertainment associated with gambling environments.


Economy of Environment. Interactive Map and CD packaging

By incorporating an interactive element to the 2-D map created previously, the goal was to provide a deeper understanding of the information. This Flash-based map visualizes relationships that are contained within the information. The piece also contains field sounds and other embedded elements which create a stimulating and confusing environment, replicating that of a casino experience.


Punctuate. 5.5 X 8.5 Zine, 16 page, 4/4

A zine in which excerpts were taken from famous literature as well as contrasting modern sources including blogs, IChat conversations, and web sites. The words were then removed, allowing the framework of the punctuation to remain. This acted as a visual experiment looking into formalities of traditional English language in contrast to more modern standards of writing and the formats in which they read.

Die Futura!. 20 X 24" Posters, silk screened

Silk screened poster series looking into the great German book designer Paul Renner, creator of the Futura typeface. The creation of this face was purposed as a method of taking Germany into modernity, as it found itself in a time of great social, political, and economic change in the early 20th century. Similar ideas and influences were used in the design of this poster, drawing influence from the Arts and Crafts movement as well as the early industrialization and modernization of Germany.


Photo Booth Portraits. 17 X 22" Color C-prints

A series of portraits compiled as a self-initiated photography project. Photos were taken at the Har-Mar Shopping Mall in St. Paul, Minnesota. The process for taking these portraits involved waiting outside the booth itself and asking casual shoppers at the mall to participate. The result was a sociological look into how one portrays themself as well as a tribute to a to a soon-to-be extinct-relic of the past.